5 Best Exercises To Do When Pregnant

Maybe you’re worried about all that excess weight you’ve put on or you’ve been a fitness enthusiast right from the very start, but exercising when pregnant is a great way to maintain your health if you do so moderately. Pushing too hard might end up draining you and also causing injuries so here’s what’s safe for you to do during this period:


You’ve probably heard of this one, but swimming is the number one exercise to try when working on your fitness during pregnancy. Why? Because when in water, you’re essentially weightless! So all that pressure on the joints and ligaments is significantly lessened, making swimming a great way to relieve joint pains, puffy ankles and the like. Remember to gently get in the pool rather than jumping in as a sudden change in pressure would be quite detrimental for the baby.


There’s nothing like a good old walk to get your blood pumping in the healthiest of ways. What’s better is that you can do this right up to your delivery date! Those of you who are experienced runners can also test the waters and do a little more intensive running but it has to be on an even terrain- a treadmill would be best. Do not overdo it, however, as this can cause injuries to your ligaments. Make sure to get your maternity clothes online and wear loose garments that don’t press on your body parts.

Stair Climbers

Stair climbers are yet another great equipment to use during pregnancy given the fact that you can adjust the speed and tension to suit your comfort. This will get more difficult to do as the pregnancy wears on, however, so you’ll have to be extremely cautious of where you step to avoid any unnecessary stumbles.


Aerobics or group dance classes are a favorite amongst the ladies as they’re the perfect workout for newbies to the fitness trade. They get your heart pumping and flush your system with endorphins but as the pregnancy progresses, you’ll want to avoid high-impact movements that might damage your body- this includes jumping.


We don’t mean cycling through the terrains, it’s far too risky- indoor cycling is what you should opt for! It allows you to take things at your own pace and prevents you from putting far too much pressure on your ankle than is necessary. Make sure to keep the handles upright so you don’t sit at an angle that puts too much pressure on your back, and also remember to take things easy, with regular breaks, and sit down if you find yourself getting too exhausted.

These are some great exercises to try out during your pregnancy but one rule applies to all of them- never exercise to the point of exhaustion. This can severely take its toll on you and you don’t want this to unintentionally impact your little one. So remember, get yourself checked out by your doctor first for any complications. Then take it easy and exercise moderately for best results.




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