Hair Extensions – Which One to Choose?

Getting a hair extension is a really nice way to get that superb look for a special occasion. So you decided to get a hair extension and looked at the options – but somewhere along you got a teeny weeny bit confused?

Don’t give up just yet!

There are many professionals out there who can guide you in this area. All you have to do is find the right place to get amazing hair extensions in Brisbane. Generally speaking, each method takes a different amount of time depending on the process. Some use glue while some others use heat. The manual method is where small beads or locks are used.

The durability of the hair also depends on what method was used. Maintaining is very important, especially the use of shampoos and other chemicals may destroy or damage the extensions. The cost is also depends on the amount and length of hair used for the process. Given below are some methods of application.

Clip In

Suitable for medium density hair, this is an impermanent hair extension technique, where small pressure sensitive clips are used. It’s not a permanent method so it is suitable for use during any celebration, after which it can be removed and used again when needed. If used properly, the hair may last for a few months. Do not wash hair all the time.

Sew-In Or Braided:

Suitable for all hair types, this is ideal for coarse or thick hair. As the name suggests, the extensions are sewn in so no heat or glue is used. Hair must also be maintained to prevent infections and braids handle with care so they don’t come loose.


Suitable for any type of hair, as the name suggest glue is used to attach the hair extensions. The extensions will only remain for a short while and will come off after a shower.

Tape in Extensions

Suitable for thin to medium density hair types, this is the latest method of hair extensions. The double-sided tape is used to make a sandwich like a joint. This is the safest and fastest method of hair extensions available at the moment. The hair will last for about 6-8 weeks. This is the best method as far as comfort and appearance are concerned. Avoid any oil or silicone based items on your hair.

Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-tip

Suitable for medium to thick density hair, here little parts of hair are pulled through a tiny bead/lock and clipped close with a pair of pliers. As this is a manual method, no heat or glue is used. The wearer may complain of a headache or itchiness. This method is not suitable for thin hair. Avoid any oil or silicone based items on your hair.

Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond

Suitable for coarse, thick hair, Keratin U-tip bonds are used to attach extensions with the help of a heating element. Durability is up to six months. Low maintenance required. Avoid any oil based items on your hair.


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