How to Be the Perfect Bridesmaid?

Most girls dream of their big day and how perfect they wish it would be! A lot of thought goes into the tiniest of details and one such important part of the wedding is choosing the bridesmaids. You would probably have to have a special bond with the bride to be in order to make it to the bride’s squad. Moreover, if you happen to be chosen to be one of the bridesmaids then you better make sure that you live up to the expectations. Here are a few tips to help you be the perfect bridesmaid

Be Organized

Being organized and well-prepared isthe key to success! No matter how well-organized a bride is, there is bound tobe some last minute rush and panic sessions, so make sure that you are preparedfor such situations by being prepared ahead of time. Once you have been made abridesmaid, make sure you create a list of all the things that the bride needsdone. Keep ticking things off this checklist as soon as they are done so thatyou can focus on the other essential aspects. Apart from this, make sure youcarry an emergency kit to the venue on the big day so that you are prepared forany unexpected situations.

Stop Making It All about You

One of the major reasons why thebride can get frustrated with the bridesmaid is due to the fact that some girlstry to make it all about them. Keep in mind that this is her big day and notyours, so stop trying to be the centre of attention and making it seem allabout you. The bride is already stressed so stop trying to add to her stress bysharing your problems such as your dress being too tight or your makeup notbeing on point and so on. Make sure you complete your preparations ahead oftime so that you can focus on the bride. If you can’t seem to find a gooddress, go online and look for Bec and bridge dresses instead of complaining to the brideabout not being able to find one.

Be There For Her

The most important thing that abridesmaid must be willing to do is listen to the bride’s endless rants and bethere for her at every point. There may be moments when you feel like youshouldn’t have said yes as the bride can be quite demanding and moody too.However, you must keep in mind that this is a major life decision and she isbound to be stressed. So make sure you are there for her when she feelsoverwhelmed or when she needs you and patiently listen to her problems insteadof snapping back at her.

These tips will surely help youensure that you follow your bridesmaid duties like a pro. Make sure you don’tmess things up as a small mistake on your part can ruin your friend’s big dayand no one wants to be remembered as the bridesmaid who ruined the wedding!




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