How to Build A Nursery?

The news of the arrival of the baby is very exciting, the happiness and joy that it brings to the parents cannot be expressed. You want to prepare and arrange everything for the little blessing who is going to embrace your home. One of the first things is to start on is building a nursery.

Building a nursery is fun and exciting at the same time very tiring. First and foremost, you need a plan.


Decide on how you want your nursery the arrangement and the things you need you don’t have to be thorough just write down whatever is needed you can pick and choose later on when you start doing your shopping. Allocate some amount to spend on the nursery. Usually the nursery is formed on an empty room but if you want to make an extension you have to note that in your plan as well and get started on it very soon. It’s better to start off soon than later that way you have everything laid out and you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Theme and Paint

The theme of the nursery may vary with the gender of the baby, if you already know the gender of the baby you can go for something related to the gender, for example, a princess themed, or fairy land themed room for a girl or a superhero or car themed room for a boy. But it doesn’t really matter if you want to go a neutral them you can go for that too.


When getting the paint make sure you get paint that are safe for babies, because some paints release harmful chemicals that can lead to breathing problems in babies


When buying the crib go for the ones that are low with barriers high enough that later when they stand, they will have less chance of toppling over. And for the mattress get a good quality one babies that are newly born spend a lot of time sleeping so make sure you get a good one so they don’t experience anything uncomfortable during sleep

Get a moderate size cupboard to store their newborn clothes, their nappies, and other essentials.

Other things you can get are a couch so you can rest with your child, and also consider a storage cupboard or basket to store their toys.

Sanitary station

Create a sanitary cleaning station with wipes and antibacterial gel and constantly clean them, it’s better to keep the bin to throw their soiled clothes outside the nursey and wash them with mild detergent safe for babies.

Lighting and Ceiling

Hang lightings that aren’t too bright for the baby’s eyes, go for soft lighting. Another you can do is decorate the ceiling; it makes the room look beautiful


Line your floors with carpet so it provides a soft surface for your child to play when they grow up and when building your nursery try to leave an area for play.


This cannot be stressed enough when your child grows up, they tend to explore and get them injured in the process, it’s never too early to babyproof, cover all the sockets and the pointed edges.


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