How to Dress for An Outdoor Office Party

If your workplace does not maintain a strict policy, then you are bound to be invited to occasional parties held outdoors apart from the regular formal parties. You probably nailed the formal look at parties, but are you aware of what can be worn for a party or picnic in the park? Well don’t worry about it because we will give you everything you need. There are certain mannerisms which would require to be followed if you attend an office party, so given below are tips that can be used into your dress code;

Being Sporty or Casual

This is the type of occasion in which you are allowed to leave aside your business attire themed clothes and slip on something that makes you look sporty and casual. Women can browse for womens hoodies online Australia and wear track pants, cotton shorts, and cargo pants. Or else, jackets and shorts, loafers and a polo t-shirt for men. If you are having a party in a there is no need to be the least bit formal but being decent is essential.


Your activities at the venue should not be restricted by the garments you wear. If the ladies are comfortable in a tracksuit, romper, or a sundress then wearing them in a very decent manner could make you look appropriate for the event. It is needless to mention about the attire of men here as most of their casual clothing options tend to be far more comfortable anyway. One thing that both genders should remember is to be least revealing considering the fact that you would be mingling with giants of the industry and could earn the opportunity of embarrassing yourself through your attire.

Jeans And A Tee

This is one of the most common combinations for outdoor office occasions. There is no need to dress fancily when the attire you are in requirement of, is to be casual. For these occasions, one can simply wear a pair of jeans (most often, not ripped) and a t-shirt that does not have any wild prints or offendable comments, this can be paired with a simple pair of sandals or sneakers to feel simple and elegant.

Dress As Per The Venue

As mentioned previously, when you are invited to such occasions mostly during the day, you are expected to gauge the kind of activities which are most likely to take place. For example, you might be involved in team building games which would require you to engage in physical activity, so it is a strict no-no to be dressed in a little black dress and heels right?? So, make sure your outfit is very suitable for the occasion you decide to attend.

So, there you go, now you know how exactly to be dressed for an outdoor office party, without getting embarrassed or misunderstood. Therefore, follow the tips given above to seem like the elegant, chic person you always thought you were. And we hope you have ideas for some additional pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.




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