How to Look Like A Girl Boss

“Careers have no genders” is one of my favourite quotes to describe the empowerment women have started to create in the world. The age-old saying that women belong in the kitchen has long been redundant, now women belong anywhere and everywhere they see fit.

Whether it is in a seat at Parliament, head surgeon in an emergency room or in the cockpit of an aircraft, women have been able to conquer all industries and ventures.

An Awards Night

There is a list of occasions where Own Kind clothing for women should be your next selection, so you can slay all day, every day. Nothing is more intimidating than a well-dressed woman, so why be anything short of that? If you have worked hard and deserve the award being presented to you looking the part is crucial.

Floor length, backless or high collared your options are endless. Tip for the night- elegance is key. Pick a colour that suits your skin tone and accessories that enhance the outfit. Always opt for a natural make up look and avoid too much make up on both eyes and lips. Pick one and go for it, it not only ties up the entire outfit but adds class to your appearance.

Girls’ Night Out

Mirror selfies, bold lips and heels higher than most standards. A girls’ night out is the one occasion you are allowed to go a little crazy and not be judged for it. Wherever you go and whoever you meet finding the perfect balance between comfortable and beautiful is the goal. Wear something that lets you be your true self, move around with little restriction and dance till your feet go numb.

Meet the Parents

This is hands down one of the most crucial moments that one experiences in a relationship. If you are lucky your significant other’s parents may already love you but if this is the first time you are meeting them officially or otherwise, you want to make a good lasting impression.

An occasion such as this requires an outfit that strikes the balance between classy and appropriate but still fun and outgoing. Floral patterns or bold colours choose something that flaunts who you are. Highlight your features but always stay true to yourself.

A Date

Regardless of whether it is the first date jitters or you have been with this person for the past 4 years, a date can be an opportunity to dress to impress. Time is irrespective when it comes to looking good for yourself or for someone else. Plunging necklines or backless dresses a date outfit should bring out the flirt in you. Smack on some shimmery gloss and flutter those long lashes, look good and feel good.

The saying what you wear defines you is true enough. Your personality, features and confidence are portrayed by how you dress. Dressing well is not limited to dressing up. The key factor is knowing what works for you and embracing your inner beauty. Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence after all true beauty comes from loving yourself.




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