How to Plan a Wedding on a Tight Budget

It doesn’t matter whether you have an extravagant destination wedding at one of the most stunning islands in the world or if you have a simple ceremony at your local church. As long as you are happy to be marrying the man of your dreams, none of the other factors really matter. Planning a wedding is no joke! There are a number of things that must be organized and all of this can cost quite a lot of money. If you are looking for advice on how to plan a wedding within a tight budget, then these tips will surely help you out.

Narrow Down the Guest List

The guests are an essential aspect of the wedding, however, they can also be the reason why your wedding bills are so high. The higher the number of guests, the larger the venue and the more food and beverages to be ordered. Most venues charge based on the number of chairs as each chair represents a head. So make sure you minimize the number of guests who will be attending the wedding and do not make the mistake of adding everyone you know on your guest list. Do not invite people because you feel obliged to do so, invite them because they are important to you and you want them to be a part of your big day.

Skip the Customized Dress

It is a known fact that customized dresses cost way more than the ones that are available off the rack. Therefore, get rid of the idea of getting a customized dress if you are working around a very small budget. Try looking for something which is on display and matches your dream wedding dress idea as well. Do your research and find out the rates of different designers and check if there are any ongoing sales that will help you save a few extra bucks on the dress. Look online for Karen willis Holmes bridal prices or the prices of the designer that you are looking for so that you will have a clear idea of whether you can afford this designer’s dresses or not!

Choose the Ideal Venue

It is a known fact that banquet halls and hotels can be quite expensive to host a wedding. Therefore, if these options do not fit your budget, you can always opt for a simpler venue such as a park with a stunning view and you can host a wedding brunch at a gorgeously decorated garden venue. Apart from this, you can also use a family home in the countryside or a venue that holds sentimental value to the two of you.

Weddings require a number of things and most of these can cost a fortune. If you are looking to spend very little on your wedding, then these tips will help you do just that! With these tips in hand, you will surely manage to plan a beautiful wedding while ensuring that you stick to your budget and do not punch a hole through your wallet.




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