How to Throw a Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

Hosting a party can be exciting especially if you are the one organizing it. You get to choose everything from the flowers in the decorations to the food being served and yes it can be tiring but it does not compare to the happiness you feel when you see your guests enjoying the party. So how do you organize a party? Well, there is no specific way to do it but there are a few things that you need to know.

Decide On A Theme

Themes provide a sense of direction for the party and ensure that everything works well together and is coherent. This is especially important in a party because there are so many different components, from each individual decoration to the seating and dining tables and then the food itself and if they are all very different from one another it can seem disorganized. At worst, it can be jarring and may even make guests leave. Therefore simply put, you need a theme but how do you decide on a theme?

One thing you should look at it is your party itself. Why are you hosting it? Is it going to be a birthday party? Maybe it is a fundraiser or an evening party? The reason why you are hosting can be used to decide on the overall theme. Other things you should consider are the average age of your guests and how formal the event going to be.

Have A Dress Code

Every party can be different therefore it is important that you let your guests know what to expect and how they should be dressed. Imagine that you are hosting a formal evening dinner and a guest arrives wearing a Hawaiian shirt, colourful shorts and flip flops, chances are that you will be embarrassed to see them wearing that outfit and your guest will feel ten times worse and may regret ever turning up in the first place. Therefore always have a dress code and mention this when you are inviting your guests so they will have enough time to Look for cocktail dresses or evening gowns.

Choose Food With Care

The most important component of a party is the food that will be served. Guests will be hungry and many will look forward to indulging in the delicious canapés and meals. Therefore it is only right that everybody has something to eat. Some people have dietary requirements and as a host it is your duty to ensure that there will be at least one or two options for them to eat. You can always ask everybody on your guest list beforehand whether they have any dietary requirements and then ensure that when choosing your menu there are options available for them.

However if it is an open party and you are unable to ask your guests beforehand, then you should always ensure that the basics are covered. Have a few vegan options, One or two gluten-free options, at least one seafood option, some poultry and meat in addition to a few carbs like rice or pasta, etc., this way there is something for everybody.

In the end, organizing a party can require a bit of work however when you see your guests enjoy the event,  all the sweat and hours spent organizing the party would feel like they were worth it.




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