Reasons To Avoid Off The Rack Suits

Wearing suits means you need to do something important or you need to meet with someone influential or you need to attend a momentous event. These sounds important right? With that in mind, you need to consider wearing a suit that is tailored for you and not just something you bought off the rack.

There is nothing wrong with wearing off the rack suits. But there are moments when these are not appropriate and sufficient for the following reasons.

Off The Rack Suits Are Not A 100% Perfect Fit

Chances are off the rack suits would not fit you perfectly. The sleeves might be longer and or the in seams too tight. You might scour rack after rack, stores after stores but the possibility of finding a suit that fits you perfectly is low. You might have saved yourself the time and effort by going to a tailor and getting a suit made especially for you. Sure, it would be more expensive compared to off the rack but bespoke tailored suits are considered to be an investment since you could wear it to any special occasions that calls for formal wear.

Off The Rack Suits Are Mass-Produced

You could wear off the rack suits daily if your workplace requires it but if it is your wedding day, you want to stand out. It could be humiliating if you wear the same suit as your future father in law or one of your groomsmen. This is a likely scenario if you buy off the rack since it is mass produced and you could bump into someone wearing the same suit as you. It is also embarrassing to wear the same suit at work but at least it is not as special or as a once in a lifetime event as your wedding day.

Off The Rack Suits Could Not Be Customized

When you go to a tailor, you would be part of the process of making your own suit. You could be as involved as you want and you could customize it to your liking. You could choose which materials to use, accessories, color and most especially the fit. You might not want a pocket in your jacket or you might want three or four buttons. Whatever your preference is, the tailor could make it for you to make sure that your suit is unique and one of a kind.

Off The Rack Suits Are Made From Economical Materials

In order to offer off the rack suits at a more affordable price, the suppliers use economical materials. Meaning, they are not as durable or as good quality compared to tailored suits. Maybe the colors would easily fade or the material could quickly rip after wearing it a couple of times. Investing in a tailored suit could save you more money in the future instead of buying off the rack suits every time.

If you have the money and you are required to wear suits, invest in tailored suits and power dress to success.




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