The Everyday Makeup User’s Guide to Protecting Their Skin

Are you someone who wears makeup every day? If so, it’s right that you are worried about your skin. Here are a few tips that will guide when trying to save your skin.


Always Pay Attention to the Quality of Your Products

Like with almost every other product that you buy, be it that it is the food you buy or the electronics you get for your home, when it comes to makeup too, the best quality generally mean longevity and better results. When purchasing a makeup product, always check the ingredients and research your natural makeup brands before investing in them, because not everything delivers what they promise. Thanks to the internet, pretty much nothing is a secret or mystery anymore¾so take the time to read a few impartial reviews before investing on the afore mentioned.

Avoid Caking Your Skin Regularly

Your skin particularly that of the face, is pretty delicate. Using harsh products on it daily is a sure way to age it, dull it, and make it feel unhealthy in general. If you are used to putting on a full face of makeup on a daily basis, caking your pores for long hours, then chances are that you are definitely harming your skin. Whenever possible, avoid over caking your skin with products. Consider a simple look with minimum makeup as your everyday look. You’ll be surprised at how good a light coating of foundation, a well-placed eyeliner and the right lip colour can look when combined together.


Ensure Your Brushes Are Properly Cleaned and Maintained

Unless you are a professional at makeup, and know how to use the warmth of your fingers to your advantage, chances are that you might be using quite a few makeup brushes and sponges to help you create your look for the day. If you’re in a rush, those brushes and makeup sponges are left right there on your counter top; and probably stay there until you have to use them next. If possible, we are sure you’d at least attempt to clean them before usage next; but it won’t be a thorough cleaning. As a result, makeup will build-up in the brushes, along with bacteria, and inevitably harm your skin. To avoid this, always take the time to clean your brushes after each use.


Avoid Tugging On Skin and Harsh Makeup Removers

The world of makeup has advanced a great deal. As a result, there are many companies coming up with many makeup removers that promise to instantly remove makeup. These promises are generally accompanied by harsh chemicals; the reason why they are “quick at removing”. Avoid these removers as much as possible. It’s also best to avoid using wet wipes for removing eye makeup, as it tugs on the sensitive skin on the lid, making it looser on the long run, and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Pamper Your Skin Regularly

If you’re going to irritate your skin regularly, then it’s a given that you need to pamper it just as regularly. Once you have taken your makeup off, take the time to thoroughly cleanse it, and rehydrate it. Use moisturizers, even when you have oily skin. Certain mild face masks can be a great for daily use as well.




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