The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women

Today everybody wants to look fashionable so they could get a few extra likes on their Instagram or Facebook picture. If you too want to get some positive comments for your outfits then keep reading:

Choose Trends Wisely

It is a good idea to be updated with the latest clothes and wearing it on yourself. However, it is important to choose the trend wisely. For example, a particular dress might look amazing on the skinny and tall models but wouldn’t look so great on you, in that case you shouldn’t wear it. Being fashionable doesn’t mean wearing the latest clothes, it is about how you make yourself look good with whatever you have. It is an art and you will have to be creative to look fashionable. Most of the trendsetters today such as Kim Kardashian make fashion out of simple things such as ripped jeans because of the way they carry themselves in it and that is exactly what fashion is all about.

Experiment with Your Accessories

This is something many people don’t do. For example, they would always wear different kinds of clothes for example sometimes they would pair up a simple tee with a fancy jacket but they wouldn’t experiment with their shoes or handbags. Your accessories play a huge role in the outfit this is why always try different things. For example if you are someone who always wears heels then for a change try white converse or flip-flops.  However, it is very important to dress according to the occasion for instance white converse wouldn’t look good if you are heading out for a dinner date. Similarly carry different bags for the different occasion for example for a date you could carry an elegant clutch whereas for a day out you could carry a big handbag. For different designs checkout women’s bohemian leather bags as they look super trendy with any outfit. You could wear them at college, work or even when you head out for a coffee with your friends.

Take It Easy

Some people think that looking fashionable is hard and it requires a lot of time and effort. In fact it really doesn’t especially if you like experimenting with your looks. A good way to start with is to do a bit of research on how you could make a simple outfit look all fashionable. Also keep in mind that in order to look good you don’t have to cake yourself with makeup. It is important to wear your makeup based on the occasion for example for a day out you should go for a fresh face with nude lipstick whereas for a night out you could opt for a bold makeup. It is important to not go overboard with the makeup as it could ruin your whole outfit. According to experts, you should either go for a heavy eye makeup or a bold lip colour but not both together.

Lastly, always have your personal touch with your look, for example, don’t try to recreate the look of your favourite celebrity, instead give your own personal statement and make it look even more fashionable.




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